The goal of this section is to shed some light on the sensitivity of first-day raw returns to key industry events. In most projects, marketing the project starts almost as early as the project itself. Once the core team has defined its vision, early marketing activities include building a professional website and a heavy use of social media and slack and telegram channels. After all, the value of the new cryptocurrency is closely related to the size of its network. Closer to the ICO (or Pre-ICO), a whitepaper will be published and the core team goes on roadshow to meet with potential investors.

The dependent variable in models and is ICO Gross Proceeds in ’000s USD. The dependent variable in models and is Nominal First-Day Returns in ’000s USD. This section examines the determinants of first-day returns and the probability of positive first-day returns.

The motives for Pre-ICOs are often to cover the costs for the actual ICO such as the costs incurring due to promotional ads, strategic hires, and the roadshow. A second contribution relates to the study of regulatory events, technical vulnerabilities, and the FaceBook ban. The ICO market reacted highly sensitively to all three event types, although the magnitude of how the event types affected tokenholders differ. Regulatory bans of ICOs in China and South Korea wiped out initial gains to investors worldwide, whereas technical hacks even imposed significant losses onto holders of unrelated tokens.

Current data availability does not allow to examine the determinants of premature failure . Furthermore, understanding the underlying mechanisms behind ICO market outcomes requires further research. For example, positive initial returns are predicted by several explanations (e.g., market liquidity or hot markets), but we lack an understanding of the relevant importance of these competing mechanisms. Because data available for research on the ICO market comes with several caveats, it is important to discuss how the limitations affect my study. First, my definition of first-day returns compares opening and closing prices for each ICO firm on its first trading day, as reported by Coinmarketcap.

The Ico Phenomenon And Its Relationships With Ethereum Smart Contract Environment

Some ICOs received expert evaluations from as many as 84 analysts. While experts are allowed to revise their assessments subsequently, an important feature of my study is that only ex ante ratings are considered, which should effectively eliminate any look-back bias. As an initial observation, the average rating for ICO profile clearly exceeds the other two dimensions, suggesting ‘window-dressing’ to a notable extent that investors might see through.

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We have created a suite of ICO development and marketing services. Our ICO development & launch services will help you to focus on project development, core offerings, and tokenomics. We take care of the three major categories that fall under ICO marketing – Pre-ICO, Crowdsale, Post-ICO in order to promote your ICO on a global scale. Raw returns, equally- and value-weighted abnormal returns since January 2017.

One view is that the better the vision, the higher the returns on average . A contrary view suggests that highly visionary projects are more likely to fail because disruptive innovations are more difficult to implement . Given the uncertain nature of the entire cryptocurrency industry up to this point in time, the negative relationship between vision and success might be even more pronounced in the ICO market.

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All adverse industry events had a detrimental impact on first-day returns, although the effects’ magnitudes differ. For example, the decrease in first-day returns due to the hack of Parity Wallet was twice the size of the decreases due to China’s and South Korea’s regulatory bans. These effects are discussed further below, where ultivariate regression analyses are presented.

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The regression results of first-day returns on the three proxies for project quality and a vector of other explanatory variables confirm my empirical predictions. In particular, the quality of the management team is significantly positively related to first-day returns . Interestingly, the project’s vision has a detrimental effect on first-day returns. A subsequent analysis shows that this can be explained by the fact that highly visionary projects are more likely to fail. Furthermore, the results suggest that general crypto-market sentiment and whether the project uses a standardized technical process to conduct its ICO also positively affects first-day returns. Moreover, these results hold when first-day returns are replaced as the dependent variable by an indicator variable of positive first-day returns, suggesting that extreme outliers are not driving the results.

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The other parameter coefficients in model are consistent with those reported for the corresponding models in Table 7. In particular, management team quality is positively related to first-day returns, while project vision has a negative effect. Also, both the use of the technical standard ERC20 and the market sentiment are significantly positively related to first-day returns.

  • The median raw return is clearly lower (0.026), suggesting that the distribution is positively skewed.
  • Note that I focus on the 26 major platforms that were tracked on Coinmarketcap, although about 200 exchanges existed during the sample period.
  • Further, the motivation of investors differs among these financing methods.
  • Many giant investors are investing their money in cryptocurrencies which elevates the cryptocurrency market.
  • Skip the complex process of developing, testing and investing huge amount of time and money.
  • The four main criteria are there is investment of money, profits are expected, money investment is a common enterprise, and any profits come from the efforts of a promoted or third party.
  • In the present times, technologies like Artificial Intelligence are used worldwide in mobile and web app development.

In contrast, I examine first-day returns, defined as the relative difference between opening and closing prices. Both measures reflect the financial incentives provided to potential investors by the ICO firm, but at different points in time. Kostovetsky and Benedetti’s measure reflects investors’ incentive to invest ico development companies in the ICO at all, while my measure reflets their incentive to create a liquid after market. Both measures are important as they reflect different aspects of the ICO market. Howell, Niessner, and Yermack study, inter alia, the determinants of ICO firms’ operating success and the probability of exchange listings.

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However, Lyandres, Palazzo, and Rabetti stress the issue of inconsistent data across different ICO aggregators. Therefore, I verify the project data with data from and validate data entries by hand, whenever they are inconsistent. I supplement the data with hand-collected information from the projects’ websites, the ICOs’ white papers (‘the ICO prospectus’), and the LinkedIn profiles of the management team members. The data collection method complied with the terms and conditions of these websites. However, due to the different data sources and the fact that some ICOs are not publicly listed yet, the available number of observations differs along various dimensions.

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This does not seem to be an issue because a delisting from all major exchanges usually causes token prices to fall to zero. Initial Coin Offering is the most successful crowdfunding process compared to other fundraising programs. By launching an ICO, companies involved in new blockchain and crypto projects, find it easy to raise funds for their projects. In return for their investments, investors receive tokens or crypto coins that will have utilities once the product is live.

The ease with which tokens can be created thanks to Ethereum was a main driver for the rise in ICOs as it makes creating new cryptocurrencies not only more time-efficient but also less technical. The process of launching an ICO starts with your project idea, which is validated and initiated by establishing the development process and delivery milestones. The ICO consulting and development company creates the process workflow, establishes compliances, and builds the solution to launch it across different service platforms.

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To avoid any bias resulting from this possibility, I only consider those ratings from before the ICO was launched. Models regresses raw returns, uses abnormal returns corrected by the equally-weighted benchmark, and uses abnormal returns corrected by the value-weighted benchmark. The parameter estimates are fairly stable across model specifications. Model suggest that the quality of the management team has a significantly positive marginal effect on first-day returns, whereas vision is significantly negatively related to first-day returns. ICO profile is positively but insignificantly related to the dependent variable.

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We define success criteria for the ICOs, based on the funds actually gathered, and on the behavior of the price of the related tokens, finding the factors that most likely influence the ICO success likeliness. The overarching conjecture is that ICO projects attract investors by offering substantial short-term financial rewards. Drawing on the IPO literature, there may be several reasons for high initial returns to investors. ICO projects have an incentive to underprice their tokens to generate market liquidity as a knock-on effect to signal platform growth prospects. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release. Consumers are utilizing a variety of modern techniques to improve their standard of living. Technology advancements have resulted in the creation of IoT-enabled gadgets and a variety of cloud-based systems. During the last few years, the cashless industry has seen tremendous expansion. The graphic transitions of these applications take less time for User Interface rendering in comparison to cross-platform applications. A growing number of people are eager to learn about and use new technologies as the globe undergoes constant change.

Models , , and show the effects of specific events, namely the Parity Wallet Hack, the Chinese ban, and the South Korean ban. For details about the application of standard event-study methodology (cf., , ) to ICO returns and an in-depth discussion of the return distribution, see Momtaz . Three major ICOs in terms of ICO volume during my sample period are shown as vertical lines .

It tends to limit the organization holding the ICO from the creation of more tokens than already specified in the initial contract. Our ERC-20 token development services offer mission-centric solutions for rapid token development. After the ICO launch, we provide dedicated cryptocurrency exchange listing services to help in listing your cryptocurrency or tokens on both merchant and token platforms. Our developers are capable of developing authentic and risk-free cryptocurrency exchange platform on the go.

Taken together, the anecdotal evidence suggests that ICOs provide a means to innovate that attracts all types of potential innovators. Table 4 presents the distribution of projects that experience positive first-day returns. Only about 54.3–60.5% of all projects have positive first-day returns. Table 4 also reports gross ICO proceeds and nominal first-day returns (both in ’000s $), with the latter measured as the product of gross ICO proceeds and raw returns. Hence, nominal first-day returns may partly reflect the financial incentives in nominal terms provided to investors by ICO firms to ensure a liquid secondary market for their tokens.

Important additional dimensions of the success of ICOs concern the timing of market entry and the probability of failure. I proxy for market entry by the time it takes a project to start its ICO after its initiation. The results reported in this section are robust to the alternative model specification following a frailty approach, for details see Momtaz . Turning to the determinants of nominal first-day returns (in ’000s $), the results in model suggest that only vision has a significantly negative effect on nominal first-day returns.

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Utility tokens represent future access to business products/services which was used to sell in exchange for ICO investments. We cover the end-to-end ICO development and marketing services without giving much hassle to you. From ideation to token development & listing, and marketing the ICO campaign on a global scale, we cover each and every aspect of your fundraising process. Be it any legally-approved crypto or blockchain-based project, we can launch an excellent ICO campaign for it. In model , the binary variable is an aggregate index of all events shown in Table 11.

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