The DIY encouragement app will encourage users to do more tasks themselves, build small items, and perform activities that are beneficial for physical, mental, and financial purposes. An all-in-one card gaming app that will let users play every existing card game within a single mobile app. The wish to fulfil the app will let users input their wishlist (long-term goals) into the app. Then, the app will research online and find the best possible path for the users to actually achieve the things on their lists.

It features a set of unique app UI screen designs made just for ride-hailing and taxi service apps. With these screens, you can design an app with a modern and creative screen layouts that will surely improve the user experience. It includes 18 fully editable screen layouts in PSD file format. This app UI kit includes all the screens you’ll need to design a complete shopping experience.

Since the inception of Uber, taxi app services have been in demand. By 2024, 1588 million people are expected to use online taxi services. Although it requires a certain amount of investment, the good news is that within a financial year, you can double the amount of your investment. The success of the app depends on the quality of services you offer. If you can assure good quality service, taxi app development is a promising field to enter into.

Stream app is another premium tier app available in the CodeCanyon store for 29$. It delivers features for streaming movies, tv-series, and live tv. This app template has support for formats on external servers, local or AWS S3 storage. Moreover, the admin panel built using Vue.js and backed by Laravel guarantees you the full power of new technologies. This app template can be one of the peculiar app template here.

  • It comes with push notifications to alert users when there’s a message on an ad, and the Google Maps integration allows users to get directions to the seller.
  • A smart alarm app that will allow users to add some text or customize news updates to be narrated along with the wake-up alarms.
  • An app idea that is much in demand and has a constant market is the flight booking app.
  • The user interface is created in a way that helps users discover the content they’re looking for quickly.

By scanning the logo or tag of the item, the mobile app will list articles, information, and news about the manufacturer as well as about the product. In the case of clothing items, it will also tell the users whether it is authentic or not. So if you would like to create a similar UI but need the right people to implement your vision, we can help mobile cool apps you out. Our talented mobile designers will turn your idea into a great mobile app that will delight your users and help you grow the competitive advantage based on minimal direction. The last mobile app featured today has been stripped down to essentials. It removes all clutter and noise, scraps color and animations, and decreases complexity.

Illustrations, And Graphic Elements From The Worlds Best Designers

For the style of the dashboard, you can use the analytic style or the marketing. Both static and Firebase apps have to-do, contact and email versions. Meanwhile, it also offers many map styles including map marker, map with search box, traffic indicator and street view. Packed with multiple colors, you may use the dark or the light theme using blue, green, orange, red, purple, or gray. Enlite Prime can boost the performance of your web apps as it is built with ReactJS, React Boilerplate and Material-UI library.

There is also a search page, which includes the native keyboard. Much like the onboarding sequence mockup, this one is also short and sweet. It captures the login flow, which could be suitable for any type of app out there with minimal adaptation. The mockup comes with 2 screens, including the login screen and the confirmation screen. Designing a mobile app mockup is the best way to visualize how your app will look and feel when complete.

It will be a great app idea that will attract several customers. Event management is something that has risen to huge popularity in recent years. Today, most events-big or small, employ an event management service to conduct events successfully. Doesn’t an app that helps them organize better and do their job more effectively sound like a good idea? The app can let them plan everything to the t, collaborate better, and coordinate every task most efficiently.

Weather App Mobile Screens Templates

An app landing page offers you the chance to turn visitors to leads. By showing off high-quality images of your app, your sales pitch becomes more interesting. Let visitors see what they’re downloading with image grabs of your app on your landing page. The Five template stands out with its stunning design and the ability to provide detail about your app without overwhelming the visitors. The template is nicely organized and well-documented as well as fully responsive. It also comes with an integrated Mailchimp form and working contact forms.

The PSD components allow full flexibility for what you wish to create in your apps. It all comes down to the way you want to your app to look design-wise. Also, it will significantly enhance the process of prototyping a production-ready mobile or desktop application.

mobile cool apps template

It has the design elements to display individual invoices for users, buttons to delete and print invoices, and a statistics report for how the invoices are bringing in revenue. Elegance Kit is an iOS UI Kit with 12 industry-quality PSD screens focused on eCommerce; specifically shopping for individual items in the clothing and fashion departments. First screen is for community sharing, similar to Instagram; users can share their photos, tag their locations, and leave comments. Then there is the user profile screen, where users can explore their inbox and change their profile settings. Over the past few years, dark mode has been a trend in UI/UX design.

Climber Contest App By Yi Li

Great design and color choices for a blockchain or cryptocurrency app. If you’re designing an app for a delivery service or a courier service, you’ll be able to learn a lot from this template kit. It features all the screens you’ll need to help customers go through the process of register deliveries and all the way to tracking orders. The default music player apps on Android have terrible UI designs and the manufacturers don’t seem to care about fixing it.

We have expertise in creating e-commerce apps, flight booking apps, fuel delivery apps, restaurant apps etc. If you have a wonderful app idea and want to bring it to life, contact us and let us help you on your journey. In the past decade, we have seen the travel and tourism industry flourish. So naturally, it led to the development of mobile applications for facilitating travel-related activities. An app idea that is much in demand and has a constant market is the flight booking app. To be able to book a flight at their convenience and not have to wait at a travel agency makes things very easy for people.

Download our free Android starter kits to build an Android app in minutes, from open-source boilerplate codebases that were developed by elite Silicon Valley programmers. Don’t reinvent the wheel by starting with an empty codebase. Save thousands of dollars and months of development by leveraging hundreds of lines of code that Instamobile developers already wrote for you and published on Github. This app allows you to create animated Stories and offers a lot of customization options with frames, templates, layers, font and color options.

mobile cool apps template

Designing an online shopping app for a furniture store is easy. Mainly because it almost always consists of lots of image thumbnails. With this app UI concept design, you might be able to find a creative way to make a unique eCommerce app. These screens are designed with iPhone 11 and iPhone X devices in mind. Most apps for big pizza brands always have complicating designs with too many choices and options to fill out.

Made with dreamy green and bright pink, the illustrations and general structure transmit the idea of making fitness be a fun activity for users. We like that the mockup comes with the initial forms, where users can specify their goals and details of their motivations. This mobile mockup also represents an ecommerce store, but unlike the others, it focuses on clean lines with a minimalist and modern style. It’s the perfect starting point for any store that focuses on tech. We love the screen that lists all the items, which enjoys a tag filtering system that allows for quick browsing. As the name suggests, this mobile app mockup is a simple but practical onboarding sequence.

Smart Android Webview App Template

By using our beautifully designed Xcode app templates, coded in Swift and SwiftUI, you will save several months of development and hard work. Our Swift app templates are full codebases, turnkey apps that will speed up your app development process. Materia’s a mobile UI kit built on top of material design suitable for Android app developers and app designers. It provides a fully functional design for building an eCommerce store app prototype that you can then optimize with real code functions and use in a real-world application. Instory is an open-source app available in Github free of cost.

mobile cool apps template

This mobile template delivers a Flutter app with beautiful UI features with 3 screens. The major objective of this app template is to download Instagram stories. Moreover, the app offers the search functionality to search for a particular profile story and download them.

Ios App Templates

This is not the only reason to include Sky guide to our list of best mobile app examples. The app has a cool color scheme and its features are easy to learn, making it easy to get started. Then our Zoom and Pan mockup could save you quite a bit of time. It features a world map with iconic landmarks – a handy, built-in pan feature that lets the user drag the map to any continent. It also has a button with built in zoom-in and zoom-out interactions. This wellness-focused mobile app mockup offers a young, casual and fun vibe.

Moreover, this project also has a plugin to fetch songs and use an audio player that can be used in any of your projects. Thus, this template might be the best solution if you are keen on building your very own music player using Flutter. This is one of the best open-source free Flutter app templates. This is one of the best premium Flutter app templates out there which has very closely based on the Tinder app.

Education Mobile App Ui Screens Templates

AdForest offers a complete solution for creating a classifieds mobile app. It features user profiles, registrations, user submissions, and more. It also comes with a WordPress theme with a matching design for setting up a website for your mobile app as well as an iOS version. Hungry is a complete grocery store android app template that includes a full online store section with a delivery module. It also has a delivery boy app module for offering a companion app for the persons carrying the deliveries. Find the best mobile app templates for your next project, across a huge range of different niches, industries, and design styles.

This template may be the best option if you are going for your own e-commerce app using Flutter. The logistics industry is growing tremendously and can hugely benefit from digital services. Good communication, ease of transportation, and assurity of delivery are three main aspects required for a logistics service. Digital healthcare services have made the lives of doctors, patients, and healthcare providers easier.

Nathan Eddy from eWeek has similar feelings to this, reporting a predicted $100 billion market by 2020. There’s no denying that mobile apps continue to grow and rise in popularity in both mature and growing economies. Also, getting into mobile app market has never been this appealing, and mobile app developer jobs are some of the most sought after. That means no caps on premium web templates, custom fonts, stock photos, music tracks, and more. Anything you need for your project is free to download with your subscription.

This concept design comes with 5 artboards you can use with your own checkout screen designs. We hope this article helped you find the best WordPress themes for apps. You may also want to check out our ultimate guide on boosting your site’s speed and performance. It has a Pinterest-like layout to create an app or software review website.

Buyers and sellers can also chat with each other directly through the app. The app can also provide notifications and reminders to pet owners such as buying food, or time for walking, etc. It can notify the owner if the pet activity is abnormal so that they can get a heads up and give proper care to the pets. Once the customer selects the products, it will qualify for charged or free delivery as you intend to operate. Huge offers on big brands often make us doubt the authenticity of the product. It is not easy to find out if the product is original or the first copy.

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